Mar 29, 2021 • 30M

EP13 : Creating a digital time capsule w/Cheethi's Raina De

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Siddharth Bothra
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In this episode I invited Raina De, the creative force behind 'Cheethi' - a digital time capsule that let's you communicate with your future self [or with a loved one].

We spoke about a range of topics - starting with how Raina came up with the name [It's really catchy isn't it?].

Raina explained how she used to write physical letters for her future self & how the pandemic and the loss of a close friend prompted her to create a digital time capsule.

We explored how Cheethi works, the security systems in place to protect the data & what's the biggest blocker for Cheethi's growth. We also bounced around the idea of writing a digital letter, which could be physically delivered in the future!

Get started on your first digital time capsule here -