EP18 : Diving into the world of Nootropics w/Kensho's Guneesh Sahny


In this episode, I invited Guneesh Sahny - founder of Kensho, a company exploring the world of Nootropics or 'Cognitive Enhancers'

This was a really interesting episode, and Guneesh explained how he came up with the idea to start Kensho, explained what exactly does a 'Nootropic' mean. He also touched upon the benefits of each ingredient that goes into their product 'Elevate' & how Nootropics help people deal with stress & unproductivity.

Guneesh explained how educating people about the product is a major challenge for them, since supplements & brain enhancers are still Taboo. Talking about their 5 year vision, Kensho wants to get into therapy, introduce biohacks & also get into exciting ventures like Cryotherapy and sensory deprivation tanks.

You can find more about Kensho here - feelkensho.com