Let’s go back in time a little. It’s 1950. A girl is born in a hospital — one of the very best in the world — in London. The family is absolutely elated. You can see smiles everywhere. The room is flooded with gifts, bouquets & lots of champagne. Friends & family are already…
and the biggest conman of the decade?
and a tale of exorbitant valuations
and does a significant drop in price make the stock attractive?
and how bollywood movies make money
In the fairy world, a unicorn is a mystical creature. Its very beautiful, has magical powers, can fly & is quite rare. In the business world, a unicorn…
and why India becoming the 5th largest economy doesn't change things
An Indian parent has many dreams [and expectations] from their kids. To provide their children with the best education. See them land a dream job. Get…
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