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EP04 : Building brands w/Marque & Brew's Raina De

EP04 : Building brands w/Marque & Brew's Raina De

In this episode, I spoke to Raina De, owner of Marque & Brew - a company which helps startups with their marketing/branding needs.

We spoke about the idea behind starting M&B, why marketing agencies don't charge for strategy, how having a business parent can be more important than going to business school & more!

If you're a startup looking to create a long lasting brand - check M&B's Instagram page here.

(00:00): Introduction

(01:07): The idea behind starting Marque & Brew

(04:12): Why do marketing companies not charge for building marketing strategies?

(07:53): What are the other services that Marque & Brew provides? ~ growth hacking/ branding/consultations

(10:59): Talking about the advantages of having a business parent and the difference b/w a Founder and a Co-founder

(17:20): What would be the one thing that Raina would change about the Indian Marketing Industry?

(21:11): Raina’s vision for Marque & Brew

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