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EP03 : Life of a Standup comic w/Rupen Paul

EP03 : Life of a Standup comic w/Rupen Paul

In this episode, I invited Rupen Paul - who is a Stand-up comedian, owner of two podcasts, host at Finshots and also a blogger.

We spoke why Rupen chose the comic life, about his advice for people who are just starting out, and about his theory of Equalization. We discussed why Managers don't laugh at Corporate Events and about that one time where he didn't get paid!

And, Rupen told me who his favorite comic was - which blew me away!

You can check everything Rupen does here.

(00:00): Introduction

(01:30): How did Rupen decide to pursue the comic life? We spoke about several events in his life that made him introspect and choose standup comedy.

(07:57): Exploring Rupen's life - which has been nothing short of a rollercoaster & how he went through a phase of growth and shift in perception.

(16:08): Words of advice for anyone looking to get into standup comedy, things to keep in mind & then, Rupen rambled about his corporate gigs & how that one time he didn't get paid!

(23:52): We took a little philosophical turn & I asked him whether 'he ever felt like quitting comedy' and he had a very easy answer to that

(29:12): His favorite comic, which is the same as mine. (BILL BURR!)

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