Sep 7, 2020 • 33M

EP02 : Decoding the Sauce business w/El Diablo's Tanya Nambiar

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Siddharth Bothra
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In this episode, I invited Tanya Nambiar - owner of El Diablo Sauces.

We spoke about how she and her husband started this business, how it pays to think like the customer. We also discussed the distribution strategy of retail vs digital.

We spoke about how El Diablo stays ahead of the curve, Tanya's vision for the company and what El Diablo means!

You can check out El Diablo's Insta page here - And, order your bottle of choice here

(00:00): Introduction

(01:03): How a scarcity of innovative sauces lead to the creation of El Diablo Sauces

(04:22): Understanding the market research process & the secret 'sauce' to El Diablo's unique flavors

(09:09): Talking about distribution strategies - retail vs digital & how it makes more sense to create a digital footprint (especially if you're bootstapped)

(15:09): Diving about Tanya's other side hustles [voice over artist, musician] & how you should ALWAYS do what you love!

(20:30): Discussing El Diablo's competitive edge, intuitive price points & Tanya's long term vision for the company