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EP01 : Soil-less farming w/AgriJoy's Priyanshu Jain

EP01 : Soil-less farming w/AgriJoy's Priyanshu Jain

In this episode I invited Priyanshu Jain, and we spoke about his journey - how he and his partner Aniket created AgriJoy/Indian Hydroponics. We also tried bursting some stereotypes in the startup world.

We touched upon the constant iterations that the business model underwent & what Priyanshu's vision is for AgriJoy and Indian Hydroponics. You can check out more about their initiative at,

Also check out their Instagram page

(00:00): Introduction ~ what is Hydroponics?

(00:59): Genesis of the idea & the process of building AgriJoy from the ground up

(03:04): AgriJoy's Evolution - talking about various business model iterations

(05:24): The ultimate skill of juggling work with studies [Yes, Priyanshu was in college when he started AgriJoy]

(09:25): Demystifying the hype of getting funded & when does it actually make sense to get funded

(11:39): Decoding the connection between AgriJoy & Indian Hydroponics

(12:56): What's the future of Hydroponics?

(17:12): Talking about how Priyanshu stays motivated & how team plays a major role in achieving targets.

(18:34): The long term vision for AgriJoy & talking about exciting things in the pipeline

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