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360 degrees view of a business. Very insightful article, i would say this is the perfect example of how to study a company. Thanks a lot Sid. Eagerly waiting for next one.

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Nice write up. I had read about company some time back my post is https://girishnotes.substack.com/p/droneacharya-aerial-innovations-ltd

I did not study recently - My understanding this company purely on drone piloting space they don't have expertise in other part of the business. I see that you have listed some of the tender company won but my question is is company built any application specific IP example they have provided drone Karnataka forest department but do they have any IP in any part of that solution?

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In-depth analysis + well researched subject + well written article = is a recipe for learning fundamental analysis.

So yeah it’s great learning how to analyse business models of any company.

So kudos to the Sid for making such insightful content.

Can’t wait for the next one !!!

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